Huge Vintage Now Gold & Silver Toned Estate Jewelry Lot Unsearched Some Signed

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Look at PICS and READ DESCRIPTION before bidding.
What you see is what you get and then you get some more that you don't see in pics. You get a mixture of jewelry in my lots. This will include necklaces, earrings, and brooches. You may also get rings, pins, pendants, or watches.
99% wearable
This auction is for a lot of vintage to now pieces. I have seen some markings of 925, 18kt GF and 24 KTGFand various signed pieces such as trifari, lisner, Marvella, and monet While separating jewelry out of larger lot into smaller lots.
**Not every lot will have signed pieces or pieces marked 925 or GF pieces. Don't expect these pieces but be pleasantly surprised when you get one.
Watches may or may not work and i dont know if they are authentic or not. Buy the lot for the lot and if you get a great surprise in the mean time, awesome.
You may get 1-2 items although i try to make sure EVERYTHING is in great condition. If there is a small issue with an item it is usually something like needing small minor repairs but for the most part, still in wearable condition.This means pins may be missing on the back of brooches, necklaces may need clasps or repaired clasps, missing a stone or pearl, or other small
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