is a great lot of vintage Disney 8mm films including a large portion of Donald Duck films. All of the films are in boxes that read mostly "Cine Art" or "Silly Symphony" and each has a serial number which I have included next to the name. T are 24 in total. is what you get: Donald Duck in: 1) The Mountain Goat 1571-A 2) Trailer Horn 1418 3) Tea For Two Hundred 1401 4) Buzz Saw Battle 1554-A 5) Dumb Donald 965-A 6) The Ham Actor 914-A 7) The Smoke Eater 1555-A 8) Donald's Fast Finish 1562-A 9) The Big Tent 1665-Z 10) Donald's Spanish Serenade 1561-A 11) Ducking Out 1552-A 12) Donald Gets Ducked 1560-A 13) Busting Bubbles 939-Z 14) Donald's Exit 940-Z 15) Donald Duck's Outing 1551-A 16) Flying Trapeze 1455-B 17) Red Hot Bubbles 1553-A (larger box) 18) Donald Gets Ducked 1560-A (larger box) 19) Donald's Spanish Serenade 1561-A (larger box) 20) The Ham Actor 914-A (larger box) FLAT RATE SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON THIS PACKAGE. and also featuring: 21) Clara Cluck in The Opera Singer 22) Donald Duck 2506/ Snow White 2507 23) Dumbo 2526 / Sword in the Stone 2527 24) Lady and the Tramp 2531/ Cinderella 2532 ALL OF THE AUCTIONS I HAVE ON RIGHT NOW WOULD MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND I WILL GET THESE OUT TO YOU WITH ENOUGH TIME TO WRAP THEM UP.