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Offered is an AWESOME WW2 German photo lot, all from the collection of a Captain in the 6th Pioneer Regiment. From 1940-44, he served in Belgium, France, Greece, Russia, Romania, and Slovakia. He was decorated with the Iron Cross and the War Service Cross w/ Swords. This collection of 84 photos covers his years at the Eastern Front, primarily from 1942-44. I was unable to read all of the locations, but 's what I could read: Kharkov, Stalino, Tagenroy, Rostov, Volga Steppe, Slovakia, and Barlad (Romania). T are many photos of bridges, especially destroyed ones. Also, pics of: artillery gun stuck in ditch; German infanty advancing towards Russian village (smoke in the distance); Russian civilians; graves of German soldiers; funeral of fallen German soldier; Wehrmacht soldiers posing; destruction in Russian cities; German soldiers assembled on parade ground; soldiers have lunch; officers using high-powered binoculars (this is the only photo labeled "Greece 1941"); 3 armed German soldiers posing, LOTS of cool vehicle pics; Russian POWs, including a pic of a Siberian and another of captured Soviet sailors; buildings in Kharkov, airplane flying above German soldiers (pic is badly damaged); parts of Russian fighter planes on a captured Soviet train; Russian civilians
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