Huge 7"x10.5" Old Victorian BLACK JET BEADED BAG; Purse

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Payment | Shipping | ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Huge 7"x10.5" Old Victorian BLACK JET BEADED BAG; Purse
This is quite an pretty beaded bag. It is very old, and is in a very large size. The beads seem to be a combination of black glass and I think black jet.
Layaway is available on this lovely purse, which would be appreciated by anyone who collects beaded bags and enjoys restoring them. It would be a thoughtful gift for Christmas. Our layaway program is free, without any hidden fees. We can work out a plan with you if you would rather pay for an item in installments. Please contact us for more information about making payments and we will be able to figure something out with you. Thank you for looking at our auction!
This bag was made in the Victorian era. The body of the bag has thousands of black beads. There are also black glass beads that form a fringe along the bottom of the bag
Jet as a gem material was highly popular during the reign of Queen Victoria , during which the Queen wore Whitby jet as part of her mourning dress. Jet was popular for mourning jewelry in the 19th century because of its somber color and modest appearance, and it has been traditionally fashioned into rosaries for monks. Jet has also been known as black amber, as it may induce an electric charge

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