Huge YuGiOh Collection Crush Card Virus Judgment Dragon

Up for auction is my entire Collection.

All Cards Range from Hobby league/Super Rare/Ultra rare/Gold Rare/Secret Rare/ Champion pack/ Ghost Rare

All Cards are 100% Aunthentic Konami English Cards

this is a perfect collection for any collector/gamer

You can build any deck you want/Or just have a starter collection of really valuable cards.

This Collection Includes Crush Card Virus/ Judgment Dragon/ Dark armed Dragon/ Honest/ Charge of the light brigade/ Gladiator Beast Cards/Lightsworn Cards/ play mats/ deck boxes/ binders/ and sleeves

This is for the whole collection. You will recieve Every card listed and more.

Thank you and happy Bidding

If you have zero feedback or negative feedback please message me first before bidding or your bid will be cancelled

if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via Ebay Messages.


List of Cards

Secrets Rares

2 Judgement dragon (1st)
1 Dark armed dragon (PTDN)(1st)
3 Honest (1 ghost)(1st)
3 charge of the light brigade (1st)
1 Ehren Lightsworn monk (1st)
1 Light End Dragon (1st)
1 Stardust Dragon (ghost)(1st)
1 Avenging knight parshath (1st)
1 Black rose dragon (ghost) (1st)
1 tempest magician
2 rainbow dragon
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