Hughes National Republican College League Pin 1916

This Charles Evans Hughes pinfor President in 1916 had the support of the GOP college crowd. It is 7/8” and in excellent condition on the face although you can see a curl separation on the back side. Likely when it was made it didn’t quite have enough paper to stretch over. That fact hasn’t affected the front at all and it displays very well. Buyer pays $2.50 shipping.

I have just acquired over 500 pre-1930 presidential campaign pins and will be listing many of them over the next several weeks. If you are interested in William McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Evans Hughes, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, stay tuned to my auctions and store for a great selection of pinbacks, studbacks, enamels, ribbons and badges from these candidates.

All of my items are original, authentic campaign items.