Hugo Schneider Kronos Mantle Lamp - 1914 model

Hugo Schneider Kronos Burner - Model 1914 with 13.5" German Duran 50 Chimney
For consideration is a Hugo Schneider kerosene mantle lamp. The burner is the "Kronos - 1914" burner. It is complete with the appropriate chimney made from German Duran 50 glass. It is fireproof glass that is similar to Pyrex.
The font has no dents that I can see or have found. As you can see in the pictures, it functions perfectly and burns with a similar brightness to an Aladdin Mantle Lamp. I have made a special mantle frame that allows for the use of Aladdin mantles on this lamp. That will be included. The mantle itself will not survive shipping as they are very fragile, but an Aladdin mantle can be used as a replacement.
So, in this auction:
1 Kronos Model 1914 burner
1 13.5"x2.125" fireproof straight cylinder chimney (appropriate for this lamp and burner)
1 Brass font in wonderful condition
1 Specially adapted mantle frame for this burner (for use with Aladdin mantles)
A note on the purchase of this item: All sales are final. I would recommend insurance for shipping. Shipping is paid by the buyer. Payment is due within 7 days of purchase. I accept no responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping. Please, please ask me any questions before buying. I want happy buyers ;) I am perfectly happy to answer any and
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