HULK movie version marvel lifesize superman statue

Welcome to my auction !!! i sell a rare lifesize HULK new movie version painted ready to display fiberglas replica bust statue. This bust is ltd. and hard to come by. The statue was made with close attention to every screnused original detail an comes with an almost silver metalic base.
The huge bust stans almost 120cm tall (almost 4 feet) and is easy to assemble.
The statue bust comes prepainted and needs assembly only. The statue comes in 2 huge boxes and needs special fright if shipping to international winner.
BUY NOW INCLUDES FREE EU SHIPPING !!!!!!!! I will ship international The shipping insured to USA is 680$ AUS, JAPAN is 750$ EU depends on lcation but is in general about 140$ Germany about 100$ happy bidding !! BUY NOW INCL. ALREADY ALL COSTS FOR EUwide SHIPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Statue comes brand new an ships by mid to late june to winner in original boxes.