Humble Pie 1971 Fillmore East Program Ticket Stub 1Pick

Humble Pie 1971 Fillmore East Program 1Ticket Stub 1.Guitar Pick

Here we have a 1971 Fillmore East Program, that is in near mint condition. featuring Humble Pie, and 1 Ticket Stub from that concert rockin the fillmore show, on May 29th 1971. The ticket stub has some tape marks on it, as it was taped to the humble pie live album cover. The tape peeled right off, because the tape was dried out. The ticket has the date that the ticket was bought, stamped on the back of the ticket And a Steve Marriott’s Guitar Pick. That he used that night of May 29th 1971, during the recording of Rockin’ The Fillmore. The pick I would say is in pretty much the same condition, as when it was caught, 40 years ago, with the exception of maybe some left over tape marks, as this pick was also taped to the album cover. Here is the story from my husband who was there that night. Me and a friend of mine had tickets that night to see Humble Pie, with headliner Lee Michaels. .It was a Saturday Night, 8 pm show. The opening act was a group called Fanny. But that night was magic, as it turned out to be the great Humble Pie Live Album. We were sitting 3rd row center, right in front of the stage. We were yelling up to Steve Marriott, and all of a sudden, at the end of the song, he looked down at us, and he tossed his guitar pick in our direction. My friend
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