Hummel "Birthday Candle " # 440 Special Edition MINT

Goebel Hummel " Birthday Candle, " # 440, a TMK 6 (1979-1991).

This beautiful larger Hummel is approximately 5 1/2 " tall .

This is " S pecial Edition No. 10 " sold only to members

with a redemption card, of the " Goebel Collector's Club"

( now called the M I Hummel Club) valid until 5/31,1988.

This particular Hummel is now a Closed Edition , available only

on the secondary market since 1988, making it a nice collector's item.

It has a 1983 production date incised and printed on the bottom.

This piece only comes in the TMK 6. It retails between $360 - $410

on the secondary market. You could actually place and light a birthday candle in

the center hole on the cake if giving it as a birthday gift to someone, although

most collectors do not use it for that. A cute and novel way to present a collector with it though.

This Hummel is in MINT condition with no cracks, chips, repairs,

or crazing. Clean with vibrant coloring . Purchaser will be very happy with this exceptional piece.

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