HUMMEL FIGURINES 479 729 TMK 7 Nature's Gift S913 AC

SK S913 AC 3.10 OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE! PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE PICTURES AND DESCRIPTION BELOW AS A GUIDE TO WHAT YOU WILL BE RECEIVING IF YOU WIN THIS AUCTION! To view other great items ! Here's a short home-made video about buying hummels on ebay: Please also watch our video on how to clean your hummels. AUCTION INFORMATION Up for auction are two beautiful Hummel/Goebel Figurines NATURE'S GIFT # 729 TMK 7
Approximate Height: 3.75" Sorry, no box I BROUGHT YOU A GIFT # 479 TMK 6
Approximate Height: 4" Sorry, no box Condition: We see no chips, crazing or repairs. Please look at photos below. Please remember, this is an auction so you are outbidding people. We try to be very accurate, but all sales are final. Please note, insurance is included as part of the shipping cost. PHOTOS BELOW ARE OF THE ACTUAL ITEM(S) YOU WILL RECEIVE :-)
Hummel is a line of ceramic figurines based on the artistic style of German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. Alongside Spain's Lladro, it is a world renowned series of products.
The Hummel figurines that Goebel is most famous for producing are uniformly "cute." The first figurines were sold in 1935, and have since become a kitsch icon. The figurines are all based on the drawings and paintings of children by sister Hummel. Though much of the art was done in the 1930s, the newer
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