Hummel Goebel Collector Plates Complete Set 4 "Little Music Makers" in Frames

LITTLE FIDDLER, 1984 Hummel #744 1st Edition in Series SERENADE, 1985 Hummel #741 2nd Edition in Series THE SOLOIST, 1986 Hummel #743 3rd Edition in Series BAND LEADER, 1987 Hummel #742 4th Edition in Series
The Little Music Makers. This is the complete set 4 pieces for this series. Each one in wooden frame.
A cheerful new quartet of children has joined the "M. I. Hummel" family of collectibles. They're the Little Music makers, miniature collector plates just 3 1/2" in diameter, but blessed with a full measure of the love that's made these cherished children the most popular in the world. The completed set of Little Music makers will be the first of its kind. In four consecutive years, Goebel of West Germany is presenting Little Fiddler (1984), Serenade (1985), Soloist (1986) , and Band Leader (1987). Like every charming "M. I. Hummel" collectible, the miniature bas-relief plates are created completely by hand. Based on the artwork of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, they're delightful additions to any collection of "M. I. Hummel" figurines, full-size annual plates, bells and spoons. Production of the four plates will be limited to the year of release, and at the end of that year all molds will be destroyed. Little Music Makers miniature collector plates will be available only in North America.
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