Hummel Gold Christmas Ornament Collection - Great Deal!

18 Hummel Gold Filigree Christmas Club Ornaments

All of the Ornaments are dated between 1986 and 1988

These beautiful ornaments come in their original boxes with paperwork.

All of the boxes fit into a larger box marked

The Hummel Gold Christmas Ornament Collection .

Following is a list of the ornaments included:

Praise to God, Prayer Before Battle , The Runaway, Christ Child Sleeping , Chick Girl, Looks Like Rain , Quartet, Sleepy Time , The Renewal, Sunny Weather (does not have the paper booklet), Girls Ensemble, Apple Tree Girl, Apple Tree Boy, Telling Her Secret , Coquettes, Meeting in the Meadow, Spring Basket and The Opinion.

These ornaments are in good condition for their age. Six of the ornaments have curling of the inner picture of the ornament (they are the ornaments in red). The craftmanship of the gold filigree is truly beautiful, with very slight tarnishing on some of the ornaments. Most of the ornaments have never been displayed.

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