4 Hummels "Make A Wish" 475,"Let's Sing 110/1,Little Helper, Joyful All nice~

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4~ Globel Hummel

1. "Make A Wish " is 6 inches, number 475 TMK 6, it's a Newer Hummel, year 1987 .

2. "Joyful", It measures 4 inches in very condition with no crazing , No chips, cracks or breaks number 53 TMK 6.

3. "Little Helper" measures 3 1/4 inches Tmk 6 number 73.

4. "Let's Sing," is TMK 4 referred to as the 3 line. It measures 3 3/4 inches, number 110/1.

All four hummels are in good conditions free from cracks, chips and breaks. I see no visible crazing with my eyes. I don't have a microscope to confirm with a scope~

Hummel are figurines created by Globel company after recognizing the lovely children drawing of Maria Innocentia. Inspired by her lovely depiction of children they saw a market to transform them into Hummels one if not the most popular figurines world wide. Thank you for allowing us a moment of your time to view this item.

Please note ~ I may provide a box and a nice wrap. Original box is not available with this sale~

Please note* We ship all figurines priority or first class with conformation and insurance. Thank you and have a bless week and happy New Year~

All items will be insured and conformation included. This is all part of the shipping cost~