Humpback Whale Ribbon Obsidian Knife Flint Knapping NR

This is a reproduction. This beautiful knife has been hand knapped by internationally collected flintknapper Tony Stanfield and brought to you by Obsidian Arts Inc. This is a really nice and very unique knife. It is 6 1/2 inches long and this very nice cody blade has been knapped out of a very nice ribbon obsidian who's patterns look so much like the markings on a humpback whale. T are even swirls looking like an eye. This handle is a nice black tail deer antler. This knife fits so nice in the hand and it comes with a notched antler piece. This is a beautiful piece for the flintknapping collection or to resell at a pow wow or rendezvous. The blade has been hafted to the antler handle with resins and artificial sinews. Buyer pays 7.50 shipping and handling. International shipping may vary. I always combine on shipping. Buy one, two, three, or more knives and the shipping will always be 7.50. If you want to wait a day or two to combine items, I can do that also. Just let me know. I will send updated invoices as auctions close. Be sure to check my other auctions. I will ship priority mail the first day after receiving credit card or PAYPAL confirmation.

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