Humpty Dumpty Vintage Cookie Jar

This Humpty Dumpty Cookie Jar is wonderful, not perfect, but still great. He is definitely pastel colors, but those don't show up real well in the pictures. He is old, but I don't know exactly how old. He has some chips and the glaze is heavy with crazing in some place. I tried to take a picture of the inside because the glaze is darkened t and you can see the crazing that has happened.

He is about 11 inches high to the tip of his hat. The lid has one big chip on the back side and two smaller chips. The paint, on the hat and his eyebrows is still very good. The inside rim that fits into the cookie jar has one little chip and a rough spot from the making of it. The base part has again chips on the rim w the lid goes down, these are of course from use, t are 3 chips on the rim. T is a crack starting from the top edge going down about 2 inches, it is not a crack that goes all the way through.

The bottom again has the crazing and t is a W 29 in the bottom, molded t What you also see in the picture are some little green felt feet to protect the counter. This would be a cute guy sitting on a shelf. He is definitely old and vintage and still wonderful to look at his little smile.