Huntingburg Buggy Works Catalog,Huntingburg Indiana

are two nice little brochures from the Huntingburg Buggy Works Company, from Huntingburg, Indiana.

The brochures show their carriages; models like:

Sunken Panel Twin Auto Seat Buggy

Tip Buggy

Corning Body Open Buggy

Phaeton Seat Buggy

Extension Top Farmers Surrey

Canopy Top Farmers Surrey

Spring Wagon

Open Delivery Wagon

Fine Harness Buggy

Slat Cart, Trap Style cart, Phaeton Cart, Jog Cart, Chrome Wheel Jog Cart, Pony Rambler, Pony Roadster, Buckboard, Pony Buggy, and Express Wagon.

is a quote from TIME Magazine, dated Mar. 15, 1937: "Despite President Roosevelt, t was evidence last week that the U. S. is returning to horse & buggy days. In Huntingburg, Ind., President Herman Heitman of Huntingburg Wagon Works, the largest in the U. S., announced: "The depression didn't effect us in the least and today we are expanding. Present trends indicate a decided increase in business for 1937." "Buggyman Heitman has 80 men working six days and three nights a week. Last year they turned out 9,000 wagons and 3,000 buggies by hand."

T are nine pages of wagons & buggies plus two pages of wagon & buggy prices, dated December 15, 1958.

These pages would look very nice cut up, framed, and put in a den, bar, or game room. Several of the
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