"Hurry Home Elvis" Volume II (Revised) 1967-1968 **SIGNED COPY** By Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis really did know Elvis Presley!! And I've got her diary to prove it!!
Elvis Presley knew lots of people, but he had a special group of fans that would attend his midnight shows at the Memphian Theater in Memphis. On other nights, when Elvis would rent the Fairgrounds, many of these same fans would go to ride and watch. Donna Lewis and her family saw hundreds of first-run movies and spent many late nights at the Fairgrounds with Elvis, Priscilla and the boys. When Donna went home, she wrote in her diaries about some of the things she saw and heard.
"Hurry Home, Elvis"... is an inside look at Elvis Presley and how he and his fans interacted. And it's been written by a true fan who was actually there!
I will send the buyer three candid photos of Elvis taken by Miss Donna and one of her and Elvis as a BONUS!
I guarantee the autograph is 100% AUTHENTIC as I obtained it IN-PERSON!
Thank You for looking at my offering.
I welcome all questions.