Hush Fly Fishing Rod- Very Rare- 15+ wt- not Orvis Sage

This is a very special Fly Rod that not many people know about. The Hush Fly Rod Company built only a few of these rods. Due to the expense of only using the finest materials, they stopped making them. This rod was built for one thing- BLUEFIN Tuna on the fly! The rod is listed at a 15-17 wgt and features a graphite/glass blank that gives a soft tip and huge backbone strength for the fight of a liftime. My plan was a Rhode Island trip but it just never happened- the rod has NEVER been on a boat or fished. A few times I did some lawn casting and it threw 75 feet without any problems. The rod cost me over $650.00 and my reserve is about half of that. You can't find a better stronger rod anywhere.