Hybrid Downhill Maple & Fiber longboard / skateboard

Hybrid Downhill Maple & Fiber longboard / skateboard Front view 1
side view
back view1
top view 1
wheels 87(H)*50(W) downhill whells

Hybrid Drop deck SPEEDBOARD:


by lowering the board deck and changing the
turning angle on the truck’s mount point
at the same time ,
create a stable deck that has quicker responsiveness.What makes the
wedgenose so great is that if it ever gets a wobble, it tends to feel like the
first wobble is the worst and then it stabilizes itself almost immediately.

This kind of skateboard makes the rider
easier to push, keep lower stance, more stable and has the
least response to wobbles at high speeds. The first real speedboards made
with this design were invented by pro speedboarder .it is in same time as
a all around board.

wedgenose makes the turn easider than top mount or drop through board.
rider can apply the angled riser pads to change the truck angle or
change the bushings with different hardness to match your riding style,

you will get the board you want, no mater when,
speeding downhill, carving, cruising.....

Deck : 41*9.5 inches , wheels base : 37.5 inches

Maple & a layer of tri axial fiber in the middle.

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