HyperBeam "Laser Disc" Juke Box NR Awesome Sunbird

Hyper Beam "Laser Disc"


Comes with dollar bill and coin acceptor . Sorry does not take fives.

This juke box hold 100 CDs , w hich I will include without charge!!! (Rock & Roll and Oldies) THIS JUKEBOX IS FULLY WORKING AND IS IN AS Great CONDITION. This is awesome for someone who is thinking of putting Jukebox at a bar or a commercial site. GREAT INCOME POTENTIAL. All the light are in working order. Has great movement on the front w the light move up and down behind the HYPERBEAM logo. IT HAS MANY PROGRAMABLE FUNCTIONS INCLUDING FREE PLAY, AUTO PLAY E.T.C, H 40" X W 25" X D16", NET WEIGHT 185 lbs. The Hyperbeam, Sunbirds, and Rowe jukebox has all if not the same mechanisms inside them.

Has all keys, built in amp, service manual, wall bracket, locks and keys..

Sorry does not include external speaker and volume control.

You get all the 100 CD's include sleeve to make it a complete set. Picutres are just some of the CD's not all.