Hyracodon Jaw Section, Fossil, Early Rhinoceros, Badlands S Dak, Oligocene, R446

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Fossil Rhino

Type : Running Rhinoceros, Hyracodon nebraskensis, jaw section with 7 lower teeth. I have restored half of the left premolar and the tip of another. I have also restored a 1/4 inch section of the jaw between the first and second tooth. I left a little of the rock between the jaws for stability. Will make a nice addition to the collection.

Weight : 11 ounces

Locality : Private land in Pennington County, South Dakota

Age : Oligocene, 30 Million Years Ago

Read below pictures for information about this specimen and the area it was found.

Note: Ruler increments are 1/16 inch.

Hyracodons and Subhyracodons
Early rhinoceros

The discovery of rhinoceros in the Badlands of the American West was very exciting, most people never suspecting that such primitive forms of rhinoceros existed in North America. Today, living rhinoceroses consist of four genera that contain five species. Two are found in Africa; three others are restricted to Asia. Most are browsing animals but the largest species, the white rhinoceros of Africa, is a grazer. All living species possess "horns" that are composed of keratinized hair which decomposes at death and are not normally preserved in the fossil record. Although most New
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