I252: Japanese iron kettle w/Silber Inlay by RYUBUNDO.


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. No serious damages. No water leak. )
SIZE : Width 6.7" : Height 8.2" : Weight 1500g
This is a Japanese iron kettle called TETSUBIN. This was made about 70 years ago.
The lid is copper. And the knob is silver.
This is made very well and has good iron taste.
And the handle has good silver Inlay work.
The studio RYUBUN-DO made this. The lid has their sign.
It is the studio which is famous in an iron kettle from old days.
This is the high-class iron kettle seriously made by the specialist.
Please purchase it at this opportunity, and please add this to your Japanese collection.
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1, SAL
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But even if it insures itslife for
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