Ian Fleming - For Your Eyes Only - Hard Cover 1st Ed

I am puting up for auction the remainder of my collectible hard cover books as I am now retiring. This Ian Fleming hard cover 1st British edition was purchased approximately twenty five years ago used and stored carefully with all my other books. I would be happy to take and send additional pictures.

Please refer to my other items up for auction as well my past feed back as you will see sales of some other Ian Fleming books several years ago.

Thank you and Good Luck.

Copy of a recently asked question:

Hi and thanks for your question. First, yes I can ship two or more together at the same charge that is not a problem. The reason I put that shipping amount was because last time I sold some of these books I was made to realize that many people who seriously collect this type of book insisted that the book be far better protected and packed during shipping. Also most of the people were overseas bidders and the cost was more expensive than here in America. If you are in America and wish for a less expensive way I would honor that lower amount with no problem, as I am not trying to make money on shipping but rather just cover my costs. Thanks again and best of luck with bidding. Eric

I have been asked to send pictures of the dust cover jacket by several people and I have done so. As I have an
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