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You are bidding on a fantastic A4 sized photo, authentically signed IN-PERSON by Ian McDiarmid, nearly ten years ago in Sheffield.
The item was signed in March 2005, at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. He signed the item within the bar area of the Theatre, following the first press review night. He was in a magnificent mood, as the opening press night was receiving great praise and Ian and the cast also realised that this was an excellent production, hence his mood, and he was more than happy to sign this item.
I was very aware prior to meeting him that he is a very reluctant signer, particularly guarded against signing Star Wars items – However he was delightful, probably because the show was a great success and he realised I had also seen the production that night too.
When presented with this photo he remarked “You know this is my favourite shot as the Emperor, it’s such a great eerie shot”, and has signed it in blue marker pen.
As you may be aware Ian is attending the London Comic Con later this year, and will be charging a minimum of £70 for a signed item, it is quite possible that he will only inscribe, and may only sign certain authorised items. Additionally one has to be careful as the signing session may be sold out/overbooked (which has happened in the past) and
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