Ibanez rg550 original Wizard profile neck Irongear pickups fixed bridge

Ibanez RG550
I have owned this guitar in its original incarnation for 14 years and the neck has always been rock solid. It features the original thin Wizard profile (thinner than the Wizard 2) 18mm at the 1st fret.
I have since replaced the original Basswood body with a rear routed Ash body, the black finish has been done so that the grain lines are still visible from the front and looks awesome. The guitar is now fixed bridge with a string through body design for better tone (and easier restringing!)
The pickups are Irongear Steamhammer's (rock/metal). If you do not know about these pickups please look at some online reviews as they are widely considered to be of the same quality as Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan's etc..
The guitar has always been a dream to play and brilliant for shredding! The frets have been done recently and the action is set low.
Any questions please message me.