Ibanez RGR321 - Piano Black


The RG is one of themost recognizable and distinctive guitars in the Ibanez line. Forged in the 80's, this high-performance machine was built with speed and strength in mind. Used back then by the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, this series of guitars became synonymous with guitarist's seeking to push the boundaries of various genres of music.

This RGR321 comes second hand but treated with the love and affection any guitar should. The RGR321 ex comes with...

- Two Ibanez infinity pickups

- A thin line wizard III neck

- A fixed Gibraltar standard bridge

- A three way pickup selector (bridge, both and neck)

- A volume and tone knob

- Black piano finish

All further specifications on the Ibanez wiki page... /wiki/RGR321EX

This is a very versatile guitar and will cover anything from blues to metal. However this particular model is predominately designed for the latter. The active Humbuckers give the guitar a really warm and powerful overdriven sound through the amp, whether on the overdrive channel, cranked up or through a distortion pedal.

The RGR321 EX only had a limited run at Ibanez and are now limited in supply. The guitar looks and feels great and makes playing lead a breeze with its ultra slim line neck and great
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