You are bidding on an IBM 5150, the first "PC" that was later cloned by other manufacturers to become the modern "PC" that we know today.

This computer turns on and boots to the screen shown in the images (the TV is not included in this sale, obviously). Interestingly, this computer was made before the VGA connector had been invented, so it cannot easily connect to a modern monitor, BUT, it does contain a video-out port for connecting to an NTSC TV, which is why it's on a huge TV screen in the picture.

This computer includes (according to my research):

A keyboard

CGA graphics card

Floppy disk drive and the card to attach it to the motherboard

Printer card (for attaching to a printer)

Memory card

Another card with several ports coming from it. Not sure what this is. It's the one with the blue parts seen in the image. It also has that ribbon cable coming out the back.

Hard disk connector card.

NOT INCLUDED: A hard drive. The image I included shows the hard drive (big silver thing), but that is NOT INCLUDED! I don't know what is on it, and don't have the technical skills to figure out how to even use the computer to read it, so I removed it and won't include in the auction. But forgot to take a picture of the computer with the hard drive removed. These old computers
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