Icarian 6 Station Jungle Gym Lats Cable Crossover Row

Used Icarian Jungle Gym - 6 stations

Core Fitness & Strength Training

Selectorized Weight Stack Machine

This item is the Icarian Jungle Gym. It is a 6 station multi use gym designed for a busy health club setting or sports facility or home gym setting for multiple users at once. Each station has a selectorized weight stack that runs through a cable and pulley system. Each station can be use individually or with another station. The stations include (2) Lat Pulldown, (1) Low Row, (1), Standing Triceps, and (2) High/Low Cable Crossover Columns. Unit connects through two crossbars. One of the crossbars has a pullup station welded right into the crossbar frame. You can get a full body workout on this Icarian Jungle Gym. You can use the cable crossover section to perform exercises such as chest flies, biceps curls, and other functional training exercises. It commercially built and does come apart for moving and delivery purposes.

This Icarian Jungle Gym is being sold in good condition, 100% functional. It has a white frame with some cosmetic marks from use and age. The frame is 100% structurally sound. Pads are green and have some minor cracks and wear from use and age. Unit will come with all the attachments you see in the photos provided. Item is being sold as you see it in the photos provided.
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