Ice Cream Parlor Table with Attached Swivel Seats

Unique Antique....

Antique Ice Cream Parlor Table w/Attached Wood Swivel Chairs (4). This is a once in a lifetime piece. This is not a reproduction.

I purchased this in the early 1990s from Joe Ley's Antiques in Louisville, KY. It's a beauty!

Top is white - not marble/not porcelain. Different material (extremely heavy) Top is separate from base. Top measures 31.5"X31.5". Picture 4 shows the 2 noticeable marks on the top - very small (smaller than a dime) - one looks like it was attempted to be patched; other has not. Both were t when I bought this in the 90s.

Base is black cast iron - extremely heavy. Beautiful legs (picture 2) - absolutely beautiful shape. From chair top to chair top measures 43.5". Height of table is 29 7/8".

Chairs have a mahogony stain to them. Minor scratch or t on chair. Nothing to take away from appearance. Easily touched up.