Iconic Art Deco 1.7L Picquot Ware Stove Top Kettle

Classic Art Deco styled kettle, first manufactured in the 1950's by Burridge and Boyd. Ergonomically designed with form and function in mind. Moulded in magnailium there are no joins, therefore no leaks, the spout pours perfectly and the sycamore handle is heat resistant for ease of handling. When polished this specific alloy has a wonderful shine. The form of this design is truly eye catching and equally at home sitting on a country Aga or a state of the art hob! A testament to the design is the fact that this item is still manufactured! The metal is in perfect condition whilst the handle has some scuffs to the varnish which should be simple to revarnish if desired.The inside is in good clean condition. Dimensions length 25cm height 18cm width 22cm