ICP Insane Clown Posse 6th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos 2005 Program Twiztid

I Accept Reasonable Offers on All of the Items That I List for Sale. Please ask any questions.

Please pay with Paypal within three days of purchasing.

Feel free to ask any questions. International shipping will be extra.

Thank you for considering the purchase of my item. Your complete satisfaction with your buying experience is a top priority for me. When the times comes for you to leave feedback, if you feel that you can’t give me five stars in all categories, please contact me before not doing so. I will be very interested in hearing you criticism as it will help me do better business in the future.

As far as shipping costs go, they are what they are. The shipping charge not only covers the actual postage fee, but also the cost of the box or the envelope, bubble wrap, padding and so on. I recycle as much as I can to keep costs down, but it's still expensive. With 98% of "free shipping" items, you're paying the shipping wrapped into the price of the item. Please take note of the shipping price that you will be charged for receiving this item. If you feel that is unreasonable, contact me before buying it or bidding. Don't buy and then leave a bad star rating for me on the shipping and handling charges portion of the feedback when you knew up front what it was going to be.

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