This Great Looking 1950'S Vintage Ideal Toys Large Water Pumping Mechanical Fire Boat Ship toy Boat was inspired by the type used and seen in the New York City harbor back then.It is 15 inches long by 5 wide by 6 1/2 high is made of hard plastic and is in excellent plus condition showing no cracks,chips,scuffing or damage of any kind and looks like it has almost never been played with or used in any way what so ever.It looks almost brand new with very bright and clean chrome trim but does need a light dusting.Nothing about this ship looks used or worn in any way.It has 2 Main Water Pumping Fire Fighting Water Cannons on the front plus 2 more non working chrome plated water connons on the sides and 2 chrome plated search lights.It has 2 ladders mounted on it from one deck to the other and a turning wench on the front deck. It still has the original Life boat mounted on the working launcher lowering arms holder at the back of it.It makes a screaming Siren sound when you turn the handle mounted on the rear deck that still works very well and loudly.All of the rubber wheels are underneath it.Please note that this toy was sold originaly in a point of sale display box that had a opening folding front cover top flap to fold back to show of this great boat only that part of the box is missing from it.The rest of this box is in very good ... read more