Ideal Tie Wire Reel Paducah Kentucky (KY) Vintage Tool

For all you vintage tool collectors out t, I found this great item while cleaning out my basement. It has definitely been used, but looks like it could still get the job done (whatever job it's supposed to do). Oh, wait, I checked out the Ideal Reel website and this is what they had to say about this item:

Why Ideal is used on almost ALL tie wire jobs...

Holds 14 to 18 gauge black annealed tie wire, copper-covered wire, monel wire, soft galvanized wire or stainless steel wire.
Reel designed for either right or left hand use - frees both hands - weighs only 2 pounds.
Highest quality die-cast aluminum - all steel components offer longer life.
Practically no maintenance - interchangeable parts ready if reel accidentally damaged.

The website also says, " The Ideal Reel is a tie wire dispenser worn on a belt by iron workers to dispense tie wire for tying steel reinforcement for concrete work."

The top reads "IDEAL TIE WIRE REEL" "PAT 2683000" "IDEAL REAL CO PADUCAH KY" Around the center it reads "LEFT HAND THREAD". The back reads "U.S. PAT. 2,982,491" "U.S. PAT.-2683000" "IDEAL REEL CO." "PADUCAH KY." Inside the reel are some felt discs and a ribbon that looks like it may have been used to measure something, though I don't think
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