Ideal Toy Corp. Tammy Doll BS-12 5 Dark Blonde Doll

This is a vintage Ideal Toy Corporation Tammy doll. She is 12 inch tall, has dark blonde hair. She is in played with condition and comes only with a red satin like dress trimmed in black. Over all she is in good condition, all fingers and toes intact, no pin pricks or marks.

Her hair is in good condition, but she has a long strand of hair that comes from the top of her head and that has been braided. The rubber/plastic of her body is still in good condition, soft and pliable, but there is some light dirt film on her face, arms and legs (not bad). On her right leg is a spot about 1/2 inch that resembles a bruise, a little bluishe gree discoloration.

The paint of her eyes and lips are in good condition.

Please email me with questions especially if I have not covered and area of her description. Ohio residents pay sales tax unless tax exempt number is provided.