Ided Rev. War 2 Pounder cannon ball, Arnolds Fleet Lak

Ided Rev. War 2 Pounder cannon ball, Arnold 's Fleet Lake Champlain

This 2 pounder cannon ball was found in the remains of an old stone warehouse/potato cellar near Mount Independence Vermont on Lake Champlain in 1935 by Professor James Dunn of the History Department; New York University.

This is w General Benedict Arnold armed his newly built ships on Lake Champlain in 1776. This cannon ball came off the American Schooner Liberty, (formally the Katherine) that had been confiscated by Arnold in May, 1776. It had belonged Phillip Skene, a Torie (Americans that sided with the Britain during the American Revolution) & was taken into American service. She was armed with four 2 pounder cannons & six 1 pounder swivel guns but was found to be too fragile to be an effective warship. Her cannons & ammunition were unloaded at Mount Independence & transferred to the schooner Revenge, a heaver built ship.

This cannon ball is one of the 72 left behind for some reason in 1776 when Arnold 's fleet sailed for Valcour Island .

It is 2 3/8" diameter, in good solid condition with light/medium pitting & a deep brown patina.

It comes with research material on Arnold 's fleet, the schooners Liberty & Revenge & a detailed letter from Dunn's grand daughter who inherited the collection.
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