Identified Civil War Soldier Prayer Book - Printed 1861

Take a look at this fabulous Civil War item. You are viewing a very rare and early Civil War Book. The title of this little book is "The Civil War Soldier's Prayer Book." The book measures 4 3/8 inches tall by 3 inches wide and approximately 3/16 inches thick. This publication is in wonderful condition given it's age. T was obviously great care exercised when this book was used because it is still fully intact with great patina. T are several fascinating aspects to the research surrounding this item. First, I am sure the owner of this book was Israel A. Barber , born February 25, 1843 in the Hopkington, Rhode Island area. We know that because his name is written on the inside of the front cover. The second thing we know is that Israel A. Barber was in the Civil War. He enlisted in the 7th Rhode Island Infantry on August 12, 1862. Later, he mustered in the Union Army on September 4, 1862. The story doesn't end t It appears, that Private Israel A. Barber died on August 5, 1863, aboard a Hospital Boat on the Mississippi River. Inside the book, on the opposite page from w Union Soldier Barber's name appears is another name. That writing appears to be "Lucy Ann Phaland Barber 18 Markby the 2 1862." Although the second inscription is somewhat difficult to sort out I firmly believe that Lucy Ann Barber was Israel's mother. As you can deduct ... read more