If I Fold... Poker Chip Card Guard Cover Marker FUNNY

When not actively looking at your hand cards, you must place them face down on the table in front of your chips. Positioning the card cover over your cards will keep your hand from being exposed, mucked or accidentally turned over.

Don't settle on a copycat product. Buy from the original poker chip card guard company!

Be the talk of your table with a unique or custom poker card guard!

This card cover is made with a 40mm collector's chip. It is sealed in an acrylic air-tite brand container with a black teflon ring.

We use 1 ¼" labels on our card guards as opposed the 1" labels that most card guards on the market have. We also use high-gloss, water and oil resistant labels. Don't settle for matte labels when you can get a card guard in high-gloss... it makes a world of a difference in appearance! They ARE THE BEST!!!

Makes an excellent gift for any occasion!

Please see our Ebay store for other great card guards! Don't see what you're looking for? Just send us an email, as we do custom orders as well!

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Mike & Cindi

Elizabeth David Card Guards

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