igal Agal iqal egal Arab Headwear Shemag Keffiyeh Islam

Igal Iqal Agal Arab Head Dress Wear

Black color

Double Cord



Imported from Syria

We got size 50, 51, 52, 54 Available.

Igal is an accessory constructed of cord which is fastened around the Keffiyeh (an Arab headdress) to hold it in place. The agal is usually black in color.

An agal is usually constructed of black cord wrapped tightly around a core of goat wool or bunched fabric

The Igal is a doubled black cord that is used to secure the scarf in place.

The Igal is usually worn sitting on top of the head just to hold the Scarf in place and is not suppose to be wrapped around the forehead like a hat.

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