IGOLF NEO golf gps *no reserve* range finder

Hi you are bidding on a used Igolf neo golf gps. The item is in like new condition and works great. I only accept paypal, and shipping will be $10.00 and includes insurance. thank you for looking.

Product Description:

The smallest and most affordable device available for golf, iGolf Neo is a revolutionary device that will change the face of golf forever. Weighing in at only 2.5 oz, it fits in your pocket and works on any course in the world. Equipped with the latest in GPS technology, the iGolf Neo helps eliminate guesswork by quickly and precisely providing key distances from anyw on the course. This allows golfers to choose the right club, swing with confidence and enjoy the game.

The iGolf Neo is ready to use out of the box without the requirement of any additional software or hardware if you want to map your own golf course. However, a computer and internet access are required if you would like to download pre-mapped golf courses from . In order to download pre-mapped golf courses you will need a Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98 computer with a USB port. You will also need a subscription ($34.95) to . Subscription is highly recommended, but not required, for use. (Once you download a pre-mapped course from , you save it to your computer and it is yours to keep forever!)
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