IGT GAME KING Up Right Slot Machine Service MANUAL NEW

Up for auction is a COMPLETE NEW set of Manuals for the IGT Game King 19" Up Right Slot Machine.

This set consists of 7 MANUALS :

MACHINE INSTALLATION - contains procedures for installation of IGT machines. 28 pages. dated January 9, 2004.

MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS 80960 Products Manual - provides enviromental, electrical, dimensional, stand, and lock and seat specifications for IGT machines. 110 pages. dated January 15, 2003.

MECHANICAL PARTS Game King Upright Machine Manual - contains exploded view illustrations and parts lists for the Game King slot machine. 50 pages. dated Feb. 3, 2000.

GAME SOFTWARE GameKing PRODUCTS Manual - details game software features, messages, and game modes. Self test and Option Selection and Machine diagnostics. Specialized Options, Statistical Data Mode and Functional Verification. 128 pages. dated May 22, 2000.

TROUBLESHOOTING GAME MACHINES Manual - contains procedures, flow charts, and tables to diagnose and rectify common problems with hardware components of Game King machines. 110 pages. dated December 15, 1997.

MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES Game King 19" UPRIGHT MACHINES Manual - provides complete Field Service instructions for removal, replacement, maintenance and adjustments, disassembly and assembly and functional verification for all optional and
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