IGT S+ S-Plus Ram Clear and Bill Validator Set chips

You are bidding on One IGT S-Plus Clear123 chip and One Bill Validator Set15 Chip. These are the proper chips and on the correct size chips. Not burned crap like some others are selling that require you to move jumpers around on your board.

You will need these chips if you own an S-Plus machine.

Use the clear chip to re-set factory defaults, clear stubborn error messages like the dreadded 61- loop.

Initilize the main board after battery replacement and other changes.

Use the Set chip to enable the bill validator and gain access to other settings like progressive setup and denomination changes.

Full Genuine IGT step by step detailed instructions included!

You will recieve (2) chips shipped for free Via First Class Mail in crush proof and static proof packaging

Fully 100% Guarenteed to work or Free replacement for defective chip.