Illinois Central Railroad 25th Ann. Pen & Pencil Set

This item will be included in a moving sale to be held Friday & Saturday, June 4 & 5. If it sells, I will have to close this auction. Thanks.

I worked 32 years for the Illinois Central Railroad, now known as the CN Railroad.

is a "Cross 10 K.T. G.F. Pen & Pencil Set" that was given to me for my 25th Anniversary working for the Railroad. I have had it stored in a safe deposit box until now.

Never used them as they meant to much to me to use every day.

The Pen and Pencil have the following engraved on them:

"IC Symbol" - Quarter Century Club

The scan isn't the greatest, but trust me they are really nice looking!

It will be shipped Priority Mail, small flat rate box.

I hope some IC fan will win this set and enjoy its usage.

Thanks for looking.