Two B&W pictures with negatives which I took at Relay depot in E.St Louis, IL., back in the Fall of 1961 when I was shooting various passenger trains and the first one at 8 AM in the morning was I.C. train # 17, "The Night Diamond" which came in and stopped t before crossing the Mississippi River and going into St. Louis Union Station. The older "slant nose" E unit ( E-5 or E-6 ) # 4001 was surely unusual even back in the early 1960's so I took TWO pics of it ! By 1965 the NIGHT DIAMOND was dropped. The negatives have been stored in a safe envelop since then and only came out once to be printed in 1968. Why did I wait so long to make the print ? Well, back then I would shoot lots of pictures and then just get the negatives devoloped because it was lots less expensive. Much later ( sometimes years later ) I would finally get around to making the prints ! My thinking was that I could afford to take lots more pictures that way. It worked ! This deal, then, is for the two 3X3 prints and the two B&W negs. Good bidding !

The # 4001 was an E-6A built in late 1941 and retired in Oct 1971 at the tender age of 30.