Illuminated Manuscript Print St.Anthony, Christian, Bible, Initial "A

This beautiful image comes from a small Illuminated Manuscript "Book of Hours" � from Europe. � St. Anthony the Great, a monk and healer who was born in Memphis, Egypt about 250. He is said to have lived to age 105! He is shown here holding a crook, a silver bell in his right hand and a book in his left. In the background � are beautifully painted blue and gold � flowers. Larger blue � flowers surround the entire image with a flourish at the bottom. The right hand page is the Latin script with a beautiful Initial "A". This is a very rare double page: 9.5 inches wide by 7 inches high.Each original page was painstakingly painted over several months. Actual Lapis Lazuli � from Afghanistan and other minerals were made into paint and laboriously painted onto stretched animal hides, parchment/vellum. Real gold was slivered and applied as gold leaf. You can see the splendid workmanship!� The original is safely housed in a museum. � � This reproduction image 9.5 inches wide by 7 inches high. . � It is a page from a rare, out-of-print book. The colors are rich and beautiful. There is metallic gold printed on the page.�� I love to combine shipping. Shipping is $.75 � more for each additional purchase, after the first one.� I protect each print in an acetate envelope and carefully pack it between 2 � pieces of � foam core for safe shipping. ... read more