Rare Illus. Sun Fire Insurance Policy 1742

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Rare Illus. Sun Fire Insurance Policy 1742
Absolutely the most handsome old 18th Century insurance policy we have owned in over 30 years of dealing in old paper!
The vignette in the heading measures about 5" by 4". The policy is written on one side of the leaf of watermarked paper (marked with a large fleur de lisle device with what looks like a V and an I below) with a manuscript addendum on the reverse.
The vignette depicts two firemen wearing Sun Fire Office Insurance badges, fire equipment below a Sun emblem, and an early fire engine (also with the Sun Fire Insurance mark). Numerous blind embossed tax stamps are affixed at the top of the document along with the Sun Fire-Office Insurance Society blind stamps affixed at the foot of the document next to the signatures of three of the Trustees or Acting Members of the Society. They are Thomas Gardner, Edward Jasper, and John Gascoyne. Benjamin Poole and R. Murray also signed as witnesses.
The policy protects the property of Elizabeth Booth of Marden in the County of Kent being 14 houses in Spittlefield in the Parish of Christ Church, Middlesex. Occupants and their occupations of each house are listed.
The Addendum basically protects the interests of the mortgagors and is signed by Elizabeth
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