The Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia- How It Works 21 vol's 1977

The Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia 21 Volume Set 1977.

Books have no writing, stains or tears to inside pages. Covers do have some minor shelf wear.

1) Abacus to Archeological Techniques

2) Arches to Alexander Graham Bell

3) (Electric) Bell to (Railways) Cable

4) Cable Submarine to Chain Reaction

5) Character Recognition to Crystals and Crystallography

6) Cultivator to Dynamometer

7) Earthmoving Machinery to (Synthetic) Fiber

8) Fibre Optics to Gauss

9) Gear to Inductance

10) Induction Coil to Lithography

11) (Door) Lock to Mine

12) Mining Techniques to Pantograph

13) Paper Manufacture to Polaroid Camera

14) Pollution Control to Record Player

15) Rectifier to Sextant

16) Shaver to Statics and Hydraulics

17) Statistics to Telex

18) Telescope to Typewriter

19) Typewriter to Weighing Machines

20) Welding to Zworykin & Historic Inventions

21) Historic Inventions to Index (Some small areas of the cover have been lifted off. Does not affect inside of book.)

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