IM Corona Elysee Chrome Barley Pipe Lighter 380052 NIB

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IM Corona


Since 1933 the IM Corona company has been producing some of the world's best lighters. While other companies buy from a host of manufacturers and have their name put on the product, you can rest assured that every IM Corona lighter is made by them. They proudly put their name on every lighter and we proudly offer this highly reliable pipe lighter to you - The Elysee.
Elysee - The flint chamber is on of the easiest designed to facilitate flint replacement ever.

Without question, the most popular and best selling lighter series we offer for both puros and pipe smokers has been made even better with improved carbon filtering systems, all solid Brass parts, 5X stronger finishes, internal rubber seals now silicon and recessed fill valve covers that won't get lost. Just a few of the redesign improvements that make the Elysee the buy of a lifetime. Read why IM Corona lighters are truly new and improved .

One of the classiest pipe lighters you'll ever have.

The Elysee series features a 45 d egree flame making it ideal for lighting cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. Solidly built with easy flint replacement and a spare flint built in. The fill valve cover does not require a coin or fingernail to remove.

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