Image Super Lot Bedlam, Thief of Thieves Todd the Ugliest Kid, clone NM/M more

Image Super Lot Planetoid, Great Pacific, Clone, Non-humans, Debris, Todd theugliest kid on earth and much more NM/M

All of these are 1 st prints and NM/M unread booksin great condition. I bought most ofthem from my pull list . They came bag and boarded, I never even touched em.

Multipe Warheads 1-4

Non-humans 1-3

Clone 1-5

Planetoid 1-5

Great Pacific 1-6

Mara 1-3

Debris 1-4

BlackAcre 1-2

Storm Dogs 1-3

Bedlam 1-2

Thief of thieves 6-11

Todd the ugliest Kid on Earth 1-4

These are all NM/M unread 1st print. I basically collected alot of Images best stuff and now you dont have to. You will not be dissapointed.

All sales are final