This IMAHASHI FAC-8 FACETING MACHINE was an estate sale find and we were told by the previous owner's wife that it was purchased years ago for A LOT of money. She said her husband loved to make jewelry and he wanted one of the best but he is very ill and hasn't used it in quite sometime. That was it, sorry. Going forward like a fish out of water, all I could find out about it was at this website /english/imac_001.htm . It appears you can only order them from Japan and from looking at other manufaturer's models, it does seem to be something. This is a FACECTER-C for cabochan making with an oval cam and 64, 80 and 96 index gears. T are also marquise and pendeloque cams available for this machine. It has a HITACHI 200 WATT MOTOR, 115 VOLTS, 60 HZ, 4.3 AMPS and 1730 RPM T are all kinds of parts which I have no clue what they are for and have tried to portray everything in the pictures. Luckily many items are still in their packaging and listed below with untrained eyeball condition and price (if t's a tag) as follows:

CRYSTALITE 1½" CRYSTAL RING DIAMOND WHEEL 180 COARSE - Excellent Condition (looks unused) - $104.50 CRYSTALITE 1½" CRYSTAL RING DIAMOND WHEEL 600 FINE - Tiny green spots (polishing agent? not corrosion) otherwise Very Good - $82.50 CRYSTALITE 8" STANDARD DIAMOND DISC 1200 MESH - Appears well used, Good Condition
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